Tools for SEO

Finding out the best SEO software that meets your SEO needs

SEO has become the most important component for ranking high in popular search engines like Yahoo, Google, Dogpile etc., there are so many SEO company websites that talk about SEO tips and techniques and guarantee top position in just a few days. How can you invest your money in an SEO firm having no SEO background and you blindly believe in what they claim.

The question that arises here is that, are you prepared to do trial and error with your site? Of course the answer is going to be a big NO.

No one ever would like to waste their hard earned money. So what is the solution? You can think about performing your SEO on your own. It might sound a bit confusing as SEO is a lengthy process and how can you do it on your own. Well, doing it manually is a tedious task, so are there any SEO software available for doing SEO?

The answer is yes, there are many of them available on the internet. But, again how to find out which software is right for you and can meet your SEO needs. Also, whether the software delivers what they promise for.

Did you do a detailed research to know which SEO software is suitable for you?

SEO software can help you implement the main SEO techniques. What are the main SEO techniques? SEO is basically divided into two sections. This involves optimising

  1. On page
  2. Off Page

On - page involves

  1. Title tags
  2. Meta tags
  3. Alt image (tags)
  4. H1 and H2 tags
  5. Easy navigation
  6. Quality content
  7. Keyword density- high
  8. Internal linking and many more

Off - page includes

  1. Link building to enhance link popularity
  2. Reciprocal links
  3. Inbound links
  4. Directory submissions
  5. PPC advertisement

It is a known fact that optimisation-off-page holds more value than for on-page. This doesn’t mean that optimisation-on-page doesn’t hold value and needs no optimisation. On page holds its own value and one should not ignore it.

A lot of SEO software in the market is designed to execute optimisation-off page by enhancing link popularity and by building reciprocal links as well as non reciprocal links. There are some websites that offer accounts with monthly membership so that the users can use their software specially designed for link popularity whereas other websites charge onetime price for their software.

If you are a beginner, it is recommended that you choose software that comes with onetime price to keep the expenses low. You will have to think and plan before for every penny that you spend as it is your business and each penny counts.

So what you should expect from a website that sells SEO software?

  1. The website should not be just a seller that sells the software once and doesn’t take care of future upgrades.
  2. The website should have excellent technical support
  3. The website should have a successful track record
  4. The website should have a forum that consists of quality feedback from users
  5. Most importantly, the websites selling SEO software should have excellent product reviews.

We see that many websites who sell SEO software display their own product reviews which seem like a promotional strategy as compared to a genuine product review.

What you need is websites who test the software (designed by SEO companies) and verify their claims and then publish their genuine feedback. This helps the new website owners to make a wise decision after going through the detailed analysis on the website of a third party.

There are a few websites that test the software and verify the claims of SEO software companies, but every website should do this in order to help the website owners learn the SEO techniques and implement the off-page –optimisation techniques easily. This will also help the online entrepreneurs save their time and money to enhance their link popularity and improve rankings on various search engines.

Higher results on search engines drive more traffic drives to your website and in turn generate revenue for your business. We know that driving traffic to a website is easy, but to convert the traffic to potential buyers depends on how effective is our content and whether the navigation is easy.

Effective content can be created in the form of quality and relevant articles linking to the business website. You can write effective articles by gaining more knowledge on how other articles are written on the internet. Also, you can go through the eBooks available online to SEO the best articles written by renowned authors. Also, you should be aware of popular article directories so that you can submit your article in the right category.

This is off course a tedious yet important task that needs to be taken care of while doing SEO.